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Since the COVID “big reset” we have been listening carefully and working hard to better deliver you the quality property management services that your valuable property demands. We understand how important your investment property is to the well-being of you and your family; this is enshrined in our core value statement, “Everything We Do Is Focussed On Keeping You In Control.”

Now more than ever, we know that taking control of the costs arising from your investment property – including your mortgage, related life insurance, and other linked financial products and services – is a pressing need for many of our investment property owners.

Interest rates are at 20 year highs and soaring costs of living across the board are challenging for many Australians.

At the same time, unprecedented population growth and surging demand for rental properties makes now an amazing time to build wealth through property investing.

InvestRent Wealth Creation & Mortgage Broking Seminar

At the same time, unprecedented population growth and surging demand for rental properties makes now an amazing time to build wealth through property investing.

Introducing InvestRent Financial Services
As you know, we are the Gold Coast’s largest independently owned, specialist property manager, working with investment property owners of in excess of $1bn of investment property. This gives us superior buying power from service providers which we already pass onto you through our existing property management services.

InvestRent Wealth Creation & Mortgage Broking Seminar

We are delighted to extend the range of support we provide to you, with the launch of Investrent Financial Services, a wholly owned business under the Investrent umbrella to deliver you access to the best financial products, services and advice the market has to offer with the advantage of our group purchasing power behind you:

  • Mortgage Broking
  • Life Insurance
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Superannuation Advisory (including SMSF’s)
  • Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services
  • Estate Planning
  • Corporate Advisory 

Advice that is tailored to You
We all have our own unique story, starting from where we are today, to where we want to go in the future. The hard bit is knowing what steps to take along the way, to make sure that we ultimately reach our destination in the most efficient way possible.

In the modern world, filled with plenty of choice and often a lot of complexity, having someone on your team that helps you navigate the path can make a big difference. Our focus is to have a clear understanding of our investment property owner’s circumstances, needs and objectives and provide financial guidance to allow your goals to be met.


And most importantly – these services are being provided to our investment property owners at very competitive prices, value that comes with being a part of the InvestRent group.

Meet the Team – Introducing Stewart Ruppert
No doubt you have thought about getting your finances working better already – however, the time and intensity of locating and implementing changes is one of the biggest bottlenecks to achieving these benefits. We have the solution: our expert Stewart Ruppert sits at the helm of our Financial Services Division, a highly experienced wealth adviser and financial planner with over 30 years experience.

InvestRent Wealth Creation & Mortgage Broking Seminar

Working alongside him are “best of breed” providers in affiliated professions such as Lending, Legal, Property and Corporate services. With Stewart as your “concierge”, you will have access to a range of advice and services designed to help you get to maximise your situation.

We continue to strive to provide you with market leading excellence in property management. Let us help you pave the way to a better financial future, for you and your family.


Choose InvestRent today, call us on 07 5599 4311

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