How we help

How We Help You, The Investor.

While the business of property management is nothing new, the way InvestRent operates in the property management business most certainly is.

InvestRent offers unsurpassed levels of management service to its property owners.  Just as importantly, the focus and encouragement is on the reason you invest in the first place.  Its all about WHY you invest in property.

The goals of financial wealth and prosperity… Too often the day to today demands of investment property ownership cloud the view on long term goals.  InvestRent’s aim is to look after the day to day, and help you look to your tomorrows.

With this in mind, InvestRent has created the idea of being a partner with your property investment aspirations.  From current property and rental value, depreciation reports, cash-flow, budgeting, market trends, and access to other professionals, InvestRent takes a collaborative team like approach in which we pro actively guide you in the right approach to your investment.

InvestRent are not the poor cousins or second string to a real estate agency, which mainly focus on the commissions that sales bring.  We only do Property Management and excel in it.  We are owned and directed by local successful property investors who understand what investors need from property management and are passionate about the difference property can make to people’s financial future. 

All you need to do is call or email and we will make sure everything is taken care of from here.  There is no need to contact your current property management.  You’ll find our fees maybe the same as what you’re now paying, but the service wont be.


Choose InvestRent today, call us on 07 5599 4311

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