Our Story

We at INVESTRENT believe that property investment is one of the most powerful vehicles for building wealth and financial prosperity. 

Our goal is to provide a property management service without peer, and one that allows your property portfolio to create the wealth you deserve.

We ONLY manage property. We are not Real Estate Agents and do not sell property. There is a big difference.

INVESTRENT was formed to fill a definite hole in the marketplace. Many property investors we spoke prior to establishing INVESTRENT were not happy with the way their investment was being managed. They were not satisfied with the way they were being treated as a client and the lack of professional advice and services that were being offered to them.

With this in mind we created INVESTRENT.

With highly experienced and knowledgeable Company Directors and Staff all sharing the same passion for our industry and our clients receive the recognition they deserve.

INVESTRENT’s aim is to become the leader in the Property Management Profession nationwide.


Choose InvestRent today, call us on 07 5599 4311

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